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Secure Document Shredding & Destruction

Melbourne Document Services – Secure Document Destruction

MDS is a 100% Australian owned family business, providing fast, reliable and secure document shredding and document destruction services. Our range of services is designed to assist every business – large or small – with guaranteed document security services. We exist to protect your paper, data and media from falling into the wrong hands through secure pickup at your premises to our efficient destruction services.

We offer: Lockable Security BinsDocument shredding of archive boxesPlastic shredding and recyclingOffice cleanoutsOffice paper managementUnder desk binsPaper recyclingMedia DestructionScanning of documentsSecure Document CabinetsSecurity BagsX-Ray Destruction

Confidential Shredding.

Guaranteed Shredding Process

One of our security checked team members will transport your confidential documents to our own secure shredding facility. All documents collected are shredded and a Certificate of Destruction is issued to every client. With so few steps between collection and destruction MDS can guarantee your documents will not fall into the wrong hands.

Our commitment to the environment.

Our commitment to the Environment

Over 50% of the waste in a typical office is paper. In Australia we discard over 1,000,000 tonnes of paper annually! Recycling just one tonne of paper through our document shredding process can save 14 trees, the same number of trees it takes to absorb the carbon dioxide from your car every year. Something as simple as a paper bin beside your photocopier can reduce your waste paper by 90%.